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  • Syngenta
    • CASI
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    • TOMATO STANDARD123456789101112131415
      Long Life GG Tom.949188858279767370
      Long Life G Tom.8078767472696663605754514845
      Long Life M Tom.827976737067646158555249464340
      Long Life MM Tom.585552494643403734312825
      Branched G Tomato 108106104102100989693908784817875
      Branched M Tomato988886848279767370676461
      Branched MM Tomato60
      NON STANDARD TOMATO123456789101112131415
      Plain Tomato 1ª125122119116113110107104101989592898683
      Plain Tomato 2ª858075706560555045403530252015
      Plain Tomato Ripe11411110810510298949086827874706662
      Long Life 1ª Tomato646158555149464340373431282522
      Long Life 2ª Tomato39363330272421181411
      Pear 1ª Tomato848280787674727068666462605856
      Pear 2ª Tomato3936333027242118151210
      Rebelion 1ª Tomato12011511010510095908580757065605550
      Raf 1ª Tomato525495480465455445435425415405395385375365355
      Raf 2ª Tomato475460445435425415405395385375365355345335325
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