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    • CASI
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    • TOMATO STANDARD123456789101112131415
      Long Life GG Tom.168165162159156153150147144
      Long Life G Tom.165162159156153150147144141138135132129126123
      Long Life M Tom.168165162159156153150
      Long Life MM Tom.136
      Branched G Tomato 194191188185182179
      Branched M Tomato190187184181178175172169166
      Branched MM Tomato142
      NON STANDARD TOMATO123456789101112131415
      Plain Tomato 1ª240160
      Long Life 1ª Tomato14013613212812412011611210810410096928884
      Long Life 2ª Tomato12812412011611210810410096928884807672
      Pear 1ª Tomato14113813513212912612312011711411110810510299
      Pear 2ª Tomato928884807672686460565248444036
      Ribbed 1ª Tomato180175170165160155150145140
      Ribbed 2ª Tomato110105100959085807570656055504540
      Raf 1ª Tomato405395380365360355350345340335330325320315310
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