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  • Syngenta
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    • TOMATO STANDARD123456789101112131415
      Long Life GG Tom.79767370676461585552
      Long Life G Tom.908886848279767370676461585552
      Long Life M Tom.60585654525048464340373431
      Long Life MM Tom.52494643403734312825
      Branched G Tomato 10410296949188858279767370676461
      Branched M Tomato78767472696663605754514845
      Branched MM Tomato36
      NON STANDARD TOMATO123456789101112131415
      Plain Tomato 1ª10410198948986838077747168656259
      Plain Tomato 2ª70656055504540353025201510
      Plain Tomato Ripe969390878481787572696663605754
      Long Life 1ª Tomato60565248444036322824201612
      Long Life 2ª Tomato3936332724211815
      Long Life 3ª Tomato20161310
      Long Life Thick Tom.66625854
      Pear 1ª Tomato676462605856545250484644424038
      Pear 2ª Tomato4037343128252219161310
      Rebelion 1ª Tomato949086827874706560555045403530
      Raf 1ª Tomato630610570530490460430400370340310280250220190
      Raf 2ª Tomato520500470430420390380370360350340330320310300
      Raf 3ª Tomato350340330320310300290280270260250240230220210
      Raf Ripe Tomato260240220210200190180170160150140130120110100
      Raf Thick Tomato270260250240230220210200190180170160150140130
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