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  • Syngenta

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    • CASI
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    • TOMATO STANDARD123456789101112131415
      Long Life GG Tom.858279767370676461
      Long Life G Tom.8885827976737067646158555249
      Long Life M Tom.97949188858279767370676461
      Long Life MM Tom.58
      Branched G Tomato 12312011711411110810510299969390
      Branched M Tomato12211911611311010710410199959289
      Branched MM Tomato8582797673706764
      NON STANDARD TOMATO123456789101112131415
      Plain Tomato 1ª1451401351301251201151101051009590858075
      Plain Tomato 2ª125100908070605040302010
      Long Life 1ª Tomato625956535047444138353229262320
      Long Life 2ª Tomato545250474441383532292623201714
      Pear 1ª Tomato807876747270686664626058565452
      Pear 2ª Tomato524946434037343128252219161310
      Ribbed 1ª Tomato93908784817875726966626057
      Ribbed 2ª Tomato6056524844403632282420161210
      Raf 1ª Tomato130120110100908070605040302010
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